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Adam Putnam-Thomas has consistently brought the uniqueness of his vision to all aspects of motion picture photography. He draws upon a wealth of image-making experience, with a career including 10 years as a Camera Assistant, a BFA in Cinematography from New York's School of Visual Arts, and 25 Years spent creating personal films, stop motion animation and still photography.

Adam has also had the privilege of working under Academy Award winning Cinematographers such as Conrad Hall, Sr., ASC, John Toll, ASC, and John Seale, ASC. Adam has worked for Andrzej Bartkowiak, ASC, Peter Deming, ASC, Adam Holender, ASC, and Fred Schuler, ASC, as well as numerous other notable Cinematographers . These invaluable working and learning experiences instilled in Adam the belief that great photography is dictated by the story being told. While working on such iconic New York television shows as Law and Order, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and Third Watch, he learned to maneuver through a too-tight production schedule while still satisfying the diverse needs of many bosses.

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